March 24, 2010

Getting A Name For An I-Café Business

Getting a name or registering its business name is the first step in establishing and legally operating an i-café. Normally, a business name is decided on by its owner(s) way before the actual start of setting-up the enterprise such that it sometimes causes frustration when if does not get to be named as desired come its registration with the proper government agencies. To avoid this situation and to save time come registration time, the owner(s) of the business must have at least three (3) names of choice although having such is not a guarantee that the business will get the name that they want because the choices may have been already registered by some other people.

Depending on the type of ownership, an i-café business must be registered with the appropriate government as follows:
  1. Partnership and Corporation - Securities and Exchange Commission
  2. Single Proprietorship - Department of Trade and Industry
In choosing a name for an i-café or any business for this matter, the owner(s) must decide on one that has an easy recall. It must be a name that can be easily remembered by the customers or the public in general. It would do good for any business to have a name that describes its products or services that it offers. While the businesses in the old days would have words like "Enterprise" and "Merchandise" in its name, an i-café business nowadays is advised to have "Internet Café", "Internet Shop", "Internet Center" and the like in its name for easier identification and recall by its clientele.

Getting a name for a business is no easy job. Always keep in mind the often asked question, "what's in a name?" where the usual reply is "a lot". The choice of a business name could sometime really result to its success or failure. It's that important so one should decide on it after careful consideration of the choices at hand.

By the way, when available, registration of a single-owned business can be done online at while the name of a partnership or corporation can be reserved at

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