October 20, 2011

Continuous Ink Supply System For I-Café Printers

Printing as additional source of revenue for an i-café has been discussed on this blog and with the tight competition going on, it is a must for the business to find ways to reduce his printing costs. Depending on the kind of printing jobs to handle, an i-café owner should decide what is best for his business when it comes to the type of printer(s) to use and his choices are as follows:
  1. Dot-Matrix Printer - initial cost of unit is high but the ink ribbon cost is low.
  2. Inkjet Printer - cost of the unit is low but original ink cartridges cost high.
  3. Laser Printer - costs of the unit and the ink cartridge are reasonable but power consumption is high.

May 12, 2011

The I-Cafe As PC Sales And Service Center

The i-cafe can also function as the computer service shop and PC retail sales outlet in its neighborhood and nearby communities. As a computer service shop, the owner, if he knows how, will perform the troubleshooting and repair of defective computer units brought to his i-cafe. He will have to hire a competent PC technician if he cannot do the job by himself. As a PC retail sales outlet, the i-cafe owner will sell brand-new personal computer units, parts and accessories as an add-on to his business. Depending on where the i-cafe is located, its owner must know where to buy the lowest-priced computer parts, accessories and peripherals so that he will have the cost advantage and be able to give reasonable prices to his customers.

February 19, 2011

The I-Cafés As Gaming Centers

The i-café as gaming center means a computer shop offering online and LAN (Local Are Network) games to its customers on per half-hour basis. Only a small percentage of i-cafés at present do not offer gaming as one of its services and eighty (80%) percent of the current revenues of i-cafés are coming from their PC gaming services. Gaming i-cafés can be found in almost all areas of the country because they are a lot easier to operate in terms of manpower required in tending its operation. An i-café owner only need someone (normally himself) who knows how to play online and LAN games to operate a gaming shop.