May 12, 2011

The I-Cafe As PC Sales And Service Center

The i-cafe can also function as the computer service shop and PC retail sales outlet in its neighborhood and nearby communities. As a computer service shop, the owner, if he knows how, will perform the troubleshooting and repair of defective computer units brought to his i-cafe. He will have to hire a competent PC technician if he cannot do the job by himself. As a PC retail sales outlet, the i-cafe owner will sell brand-new personal computer units, parts and accessories as an add-on to his business. Depending on where the i-cafe is located, its owner must know where to buy the lowest-priced computer parts, accessories and peripherals so that he will have the cost advantage and be able to give reasonable prices to his customers.

The i-cafe owner is always in a position to specify the configuration of computers that his prospective customer's need. Aside from the good price that he can give because of his part sourcing advantage, his after-sales service availability will do well in his getting the order. The experience he has in maintaining his i-cafe units in A-1 condition will greatly help in showing his competence to sell and service the personal computers that his customers will buy from him.

The buy-and-sell of computer units, parts, accessories and peripherals is a very appropriate addition to the business of an i-café owner especially if he is located in an area that is far from big computer stores. One caution is he must be always updated with the prevailing market prices which prospective buyers may also be aware of because of advertisements here and there. When faced with such situation, his concern will be where to get the units that you can sell at prevailing prices and still make a decent margin on the transaction.

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