July 10, 2010

The Pornographic Site Filters For I-Cafés

Filtering the Internet for adult pornographic (porno) contents is not an issue among majority of i-café owners. Almost everyone agrees that porno sites must be filtered to prevent both young and old customers from viewing them. Many local government units have ordinances requiring i-café owners to install filters that will block those unwanted sites aside from mandating the to have posters around the shop announcing the prohibition. The recently approved implementing rules and regulations of The Anti-Child Pornography Act of 2009 has the same prohibition among its many provisions. From a moral standpoint and whether the law is getting implemented or not in his locality, an i-café owner must install filtering software to avoid websites with adult content from getting viewed by his customers.

The choice of the pornographic site filter to be used in an i-café is very important to consider. When installed, the web filter should be able to block all the unwanted sites without affecting the use of other applications such as the games in an i-café. The porno filter must also be secured enough not to allow any by-passing by the knowledgeable users of the Internet. It must not cause any noticeable lag in the opening of sites to be visited by i-café customers.

The above criteria has caused many i-café owners to inquire in their public forums what to use as porno filters in their shops and the usual reply of those already using tested ones are the K9 Web Protection by Blue Coat and Family Shield by OpenDNS. K9 Web Protection has to be downloaded and installed in each workstation in order to function while Family Shield, more commonly known as OpenDNS, will require some settings on the i-café router and/or server only. While, generally believed to be free to use, it is recommended that i-café owners check the sources to avoid violation of intellectual property rights of the owners and developers of the products.

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