April 24, 2010

Digital Photo Printing As A Service Of An I-Café

With very stiff competition going on among i-cafés especially those functioning as entertainment centers, the need to engage in services that could add revenue and income is getting to be a must for those already in business. Among the many services that can be added to an i-café business is digital photo printing. Aside from the not so big additional investment needed, the skill required for one to do the service is not high and the demand is always there in many areas of the country. Filipinos are known to be fond of keeping souvenirs of celebrations and events and with the prevalent use of cellphones with camera (camphones) and digital cameras (digicams)nowadays, digital photo printing as a service is a logical choice for an i-café owner to consider.

The most important factor to consider when an i-café owner decides to engage in digital photo printing is what kind of printer to buy. While many i-cafés prefer the entry-level printers because of their low prices, it must be noted that digital photo printing requires a higher than ordinary quality of output. The service demand on the printer is also greater when it is used for printing photos and the low-priced entry-level printers may not live up to expectations. The use of high-end inkjet and color laser printers is recommended for i-cafés with digital photo printing service.

Aside from having good quality printer, the image manipulation and printing software are also important. While proprietary software are best to use because of its user-friendliness, the prohibitive cost of license for such software necessitates that an i-café owner considers some equally useful freeware available for the purpose. There are many web forums frequented by i-café owners who discuss details about hardware and software used in digital photo printing.


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