May 3, 2010

Desktop Publishing As A Service In An I-Café

Another service that an i-café can offer the community where it is located is one called desktop publishing (DTP). Desktop publishing entails lay-outing a page that contains graphics and texts that has to be printed on a quantity not big enough for printing press shop to economically handle. DTP requires a skilled computer operator who must master a desktop publishing software in order to come up with a page layout that would satisfy a customer's need for a business card, invitation cards for birthday parties, wedding and other occasions. Other DTP products that an i-café can include in its services are brochures, newsletters, flyers, posters, logos and letterheads.

At the beginning, an i-café owner who wanted to include DTP among its services may find it hard to offer. He will need samples to show to his would-be customer who may walk-in and inquire about a DTP item which he only have an idea of how he would like it to look like. The samples will help him and the one will do the layout in deciding what the product will be. It would be best if there are templates in file which the layout artist can modify as the customer describes what he wants.

Aside from the skilled computer layout operator and the DTP software, a good digital photo printer is a must for an i-café to successfully venture on this business model. Knowledge on the kinds of materials suitable for the product needed by the customer will also be an advantage. It would be best that the materials are readily available in order to have shorter lead time in printing the DTP item ordered.

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  1. You really need to have lots of samples to show your customers to be able to get much orders for desktop oublishing. Lamang dito yung mga nauna na.


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